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We also sell you our loose components such as: Turbine Meter, Rotary Displacement Meter, Ultrasonic Meter, Orifice Meter (Single, Double and Triple Chamber Orifice), Flow Computer, Volume Corrector, Gas Meter Diaphragm, Transmitters, Insulating Joint, Ball Valve, Control Valve, Pressure Regulators, Gas Chromatograph, H2S Analyzer, Moisture Analyzer, Filter, Separator, Scrubber and many other. If you need any specific component or any question, please contact:

Elvira Agustina

Anjani Dwi Syabani


Turbine Meter
Flow Computer
Ultrasonic Meter Regulator


Rotary Gas Meter
Turbine Meter
Ultrasonic Gas Meter


Servo Gauge
Small Volume Prover


Orifice Single Chamber
Orifice Dual Chamber
DBB Orifice Chamber
Canalta Parts
Canalta Orifice Flange Union Canalta Meter Run


Meter Diaphragm
Daehan G 1.6
Meter Diaphragm
Daehan G 2.5
Meter Diaphragm
Daehan G 4
Pre-Paid Gas Meter Diaphragm
Sulung Meter


Gate Valves
 Split Body Ball Valves
Check Valves
Plug Valves


Gas Finder
Gas FinderMC
Gas Finder FC


DA300 Reciprocating Compressor
GASVECTOR, Enclosure