To complement your reference about Pratiwi, on our best products and services, we attach the following documents as a pdf file, as follow:

  1. Pratiwi Company Profle
  2. Map of Pratiwi Putri Sulung
  3. Booklet RMG Group
  4. Canalta DCOF Product Manual
  5. Envent GC
  6. Flow-X Brochure
  7. Luxor Filter Catalog
  8. Moisture Analyzer
  9. Alarm Monitoring System for Marine Application
  10. Honeywell – Gtex-HM-10-12-ENG
  11. Honeywell – Onecal-HM-10-11-ENG
  12. Honeywell – TOMSYS-HM-14-10-ENG
  13. Radar System for Marine Application
  14. CargoBoss Software Brochure
  15. Bubbling System Brochure
  16. Pressure Pressure Transmitters for Marine Application