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In today’s production and distribution of oil and gas anywhere in the world, the products are transacted from a seller to a buyer. In this transaction both seller and buyer agree upon a measured products passing through a facility commonly called as Custody Metering System. The word custody is there because transaction must be according to acceptable metrological standards where both seller and buyer can accept the terms and conditions of delivery according to prevailing laws and regulations that govern the transaction. Therefore metering system finds its significance as a central part of any oil and gas station facility.
Prior to energy generation into a specific process, a system that helps the energy conversion to take place is known as gas feeding system. Gas Feeding System normally consists of a series of pipelines and some measuring instruments and mechanical equipment such as valves and fittings, control valves or regulating systems and associated instrumentation. At the outlet of gas feeding system, we may find gas turbine, boiler, gas engine, burners etc.
After extracted from the well, prior to transportation, oil or gas shall be cleaned and free from unwanted substances. Mechanically, it must be cleaned prior to entering into its downstream process. This system can be scrubber system, knock out drums, coalescing system, dehydration unit etc. Chemically, if it contains unwanted material such as CO2, H2S for example, the products shall be chemically treated. Basically, the gas conditioning system will be required to ensure that the product meets with end processes.
Often times, the end process pressure is far less than the upstream pressure. In order to protect the downstream lines, the pressure regulating station is built in order to make sure that the upstream pressure meets with the process pressure requirement. The essential part of this system is Pressure Regulator or Control Valve. It is common that the pressure regulating station is completed with Emergency Shutdown or Shut Off System to protect the downstream process from over pressure.
February 9, 2016

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