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USM Wetcalibration Project, 2018

Year        : 2018
Location : Grissik, South Sumatra, Indonesia
Client      : ConocoPhillips (Grissik) Ltd    

Scope of Work    : Engineering, Procurement and  Construction (EPC) Grissik – SSWJ Ultrasonic Metering (USM) Wet Calibration Project  
Scope of Supply : Custody USM metering, Valve gas pipeline, Instrumentation and  Meter shelter

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Gas Off Take Station, 2014

Year         : 2014
Location  : Ngoro, East Java
Client       : PT. PGN

Scope of Work    : EPC Off Take Station included Gas Metering Skid, Fire & Gas Detection System, Hydrant System and Site Office.
Client                   : PT. PGN
Scope of Supply :
-Gas Metering & Pressure Regulator completed with Orifice Meters, Flowcomputer & Chart Recoder

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CNG Station/ Stasiun Pengisian Bahan Bakar Gas (SPBG), 2013

Year        : 2013
Location : Balikpapan, Sidoarjo, Jakarta
Client      : ESDM – Pertamina Gas Directorate

Scope of Work    : EPC SPBG Station Completed with MRS, Gas Compressor, Gas Bottles and Gas Dispensing Units
Scope of Supply :
• Online Gas Metering
• Gas dryer
• Gas Scrubber & Filter
• Gas Dispenser Unit

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Gas Blockstation / SPG ( Stasiun Pengumpul Gas), 2012

Year        : 2012
Location : Jambi
Client      : Pertamina UBEP Jambi    

Scope of Work    : B.O.T scheme 3 years contract, 2 mmscfd Gas Processing Facilities completed with maintenace & operator at Sungai Gelam  
Scope of Supply : - Gas Filter- Separator Unit - Gas Metering Skid - Gas Dehydration Unit

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ORF (Onshore Receiving Facility), 2012

Year        : 2012
Location : Cilamaya, West Java
Client      : PT. Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJ  

Scope of Work   : New Cilamaya Custody Transfer Gas Metering and Modification of Existing Facility to Supply Gas for Pertamina Refenery Unit VI Balongan  
Scope of Supply :
- Custody Gas Transfer Metering completed with: Orifice Meters,Gas Chromatograph,  Flowcomp, and Chart Recorder.

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USM Custody Metering - Regulator Station, 2012

Year        : 2012
Location : Duri, Riau
Client      : PT. Indonesia Power

Scope of work     : EPC, Gas Station Construction and Gas Pipeline to PLTG Duri
Scope of Supply  :
- Custody Metering
- Gas Filter Unit
- Gas Pipeline

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Project Name : Gas Fuel Custody Metering – Regulator Station

Year        : 2008

Location : Muara Tawar, Bekasi West Java

Client      : PLN Muara Tawar

Scope of work    : Design and project Implementation (Supply,Installation,Calibration,Start-up and Commissioning) Metering System for PLN

Scope of supply : Custody Metering completed with: Gas Filter Unit, Orifice Meter Skid

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