Our Facilites

Pratiwi Yard Facility  is well equipped for assembly and construction of large-scale item,  we can also fabricate shelters, Fabricate storage tank and many more. We also do FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) in our yard to ensure the equipment can run and function properly according to the orders of our clients. We believe with this facility we can always committed to meet with our coustomers satisfaction
Pratiwi has workshop area total 10.000 m².With these facilities, we can fabricate a large metering skid up to 30” pipe diameter using Orifice Fitting or 24” using Ultrasonic Meter, Pressure Vessel, Gas Filter and Storage Tank. We are ready to support Gas Receiving Station project at Onshore Receiving Facility (ORF), Gas Transmission Pipeline Project, and Gas Peakerline Station at Power Plant which need big footprint of metering skid As Metering & Pressure Regulating Station (M-PRS) integrator.  We have cranes and forklifts for moving goods, which complies with ISO standard.
Pratiwi warehouse facility functions as a storage place for our stock retail items such as ultrasonic meters, orifice meters, valves etc, we have a very large space for storing these items, we also have cranes and forklifts for moving goods in our warehouse which is useful for being able to move goods quickly and safely. We have to prepare all the material which affect the schedule of delivery time. We have to prepare all the material which affect the schedule of delivery time. We believe with the facility of the best Warehouse that we prepared would be satisfy our customers due to our control in project time management.
ICS (Instrument Control and Services) Workshop/Staging Room
Pratiwi has ICS Workshop room that focus on the development of instrumentation including the manufacturing, design, such as Scada Cabinet, PCS & SIS Cabinet, and load shedding Cabinet until the application of instruments and control. Pratiwi has 15 instrument engineers to support all of our projects. We proudly supply the best results for all our clients' needs which designed, fabricated and installed by our experienced engineers.
Training Center & Hall Room

Pratiwi has the facilities to enhance both our man power skill or our clients knowledge such as training program and classroom training. The classroom facility can accommodate over 100 people. With these facilities, we managed to invite our clients to share the knowledge of a new product from principle. Thus our clients can applied the information in the field. Other than training program in and outside the office, we also involve in web seminar that known as webminar. Webminar is provided by our principle. Honeywell is one of our principle that provide the webminar. Each webminar has different topics that give us the benefit to choose the topic. Now, Pratiwi has many Trainers to assist our customer. Mechanical,Instrumentation and Project Management is our expertise. We do not hesitate to share it with our customer.


Our Canteen is important facility for all Pratiwi employees through which a better standard of food and refreshments can be obtained, Moreover, through these canteens whole some food and refreshments can be provided to the all employees. Canteens also serve as places where all employees can meet informally and refresh themselves by a relaxing conversation. The canteens are also an instruments of social change, as the employees belonging to different background will have to sit at the same tables and take their food. Thus, a canteen can help in improving the morale of the employees. Further, the availability of the food stuffs within the office area reduces the botheration and saves time of the employees, otherwise they will have to go out of the office. It is necessary that such accommodation should be more ample for employees.