Pratiwi serves a variety of projects, from small-scale to large-scale project packages, from one discipline to multidisciplinary, all of which we do with professional, cooperative and friendly services with high integrity and strong commitment to QSHES excellence.

We provide comprehensive and integrated EPC solution services to meet client needs. Project management system innovations for complex construction work will be strictly implemented.

Pratiwi helps clients in the management, design and construction of the installation process, including the oil and gas sector, fertilizer, refineries, infrastructure, and power plants.

At Pratiwi, we are fully supported by a sophisticated project management system. We also manage various interfaces from various disciplines. Our work is based on plans and methods for carrying out construction to ensure that the work process goes well. Pratiwi is able to manage critical stages appropriately because these stages determine the successful implementation of the project.

Based on Pratiwi's notes in implementing the project, work safety is a top priority. We guarantee this by providing regular and periodic training, as well as providing incentives to all field workers and ensuring that Pratiwi meets all safety standards in all aspects.