Renewable Energy

Solar Energy

Solar energy is a major renewable energy source with the potential to meet many of the challenges facing the world. There are many reasons to promote its share in the energy market. This power source is increasing in popularity because it is versatile with many benefits to people and the environment projects. At this time, thousand of liters of water mixed with chemical for extraction contaminating the water used, along nearby water bodies, and also causes earthquakes. Nuclear power pollute water and land has caused environmental catastrophes. Use of solar energy will eliminate these unsafe, unclean consequences from using conventional fossil fuels. Pratiwi offers the solution to answer this situation. We provide solar mounting system projects.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal power is based on heat energy stored underneath the ground. This intense heat is trapped in enormous quantities. inside the water reservoirs in earth's crust. In fact, it is considered essentially limitless. The superheated aquifers tapped for geothermal production are continually replenished by geologic forces originating in the core of the planet. These inexhaustible natural processes make geothermal energy eminently renewable resource. Geothermal energy is considered clean because it can be extracted and converted without burning any fossil fuels. The 'emissions' form a geothermal plant are mainly begin water vapors.