Procurement & Retail Products

At Pratiwi. we ensure that purchasing, shipping, inspection and transportation as part of the procurement process are carried out accordance with applicable ISO standards.

Our experience in handling medium to large projects successfully is a guarantee that the procurement process we carry out meets the required specifications.

Transparency is one of the values held by Pratiwi because we believe that the ultimate satisfaction for clients can only be achieved if the project operates as planned.

We believe, together with clients, we can overcome obstacles that may occur in the procurement process (procurement). Every stakeholder is our partner. So that cooperation between us becomes inevitable to achieve common goals.

Pratiwi independently carries out quality control of the material and services we provide in accordance with ISO standarization requirements for optimal and timely project results.

Retail Products

Q.sonicplus ultrasonic flowmeter
Field instrument and control
Radar Gauging
Rotary Gas Meter
Servo Gauge
Small Volume Prover
Turbine Flow Meter
Volume Conversion
Altivar Process
M580 Safety Controller
Modicon M430
Schneider Touchscreen
Schneider Electric Lanca Inversor
DBB Orifice Chamber
Double Orifice Chamber
Canalta Parts
Canalta Meter Run
Canalta Orifice Flange Union
Single Chamber Orifice
Daehan Metering
Turbine Meter
Ultrasonic Gas Meter gt400

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