Oil & Gas


ORF : Onshore Receiving Facility (ORF) is a natural gas receiving and distribution facility placed on land. ORF Complete with ventilation towers that function to release natural gas into the atmosphere through a process called emergency hydrocarbon release. This process is called emergency hydrocarbon release because of its emergency nature (safety composition) and the main composition of natural gas is hydrocarbons. Analysis of hydrocarbon emission dispersions that occur during emergency hydrocarbon releases is important because of the dangers posed by hydrocarbons to humans.

EOR is the process of increasing the amount of oil that can be recovered from an oil reservoir, usually by injecting a substance into an existing oil well to increase pressure and reduce the viscosity of the oil. With a conventional oil well, natural pressure in the reservoir pushes the oil to the surface or a pump is used to create the pressure. This usually results in a recovery of about 25% of a well’s oil reserves. Enhanced oil recovery increases the oil recovery by up to 15%.There are several different methods of Enhanced Oil Recovery including[2]:
• Thermal recovery - which involves the introduction of heat such as the injection of steam to lower the viscosity, or thin, the heavy viscous oil, and improve its ability to flow through the reservoir.
• Gas injection: which uses gases such as natural gas, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide (CO2) that expand in a reservoir to push additional oil to a production wellbore, or other gases that dissolve in the oil to lower its viscosity and improves its flow rate.
• Chemical injection: which can involve the use of long-chained molecules called polymers to increase the effectiveness of waterfloods, or the use of detergent-like surfactants to help lower the surface tension that often prevents oil droplets from moving through a reservoir.
• CO2 injection - which uses CO2 to act as a solvent, a pressurizing agent, and reduces the oil’s viscosity.

Crude oil Custody Transfer Metering, Pratiwi liquid solution offers custody transfer metering for terminal and tank farms. Our metering system can be integrated with a tank farm management system or terminal automation system, thus provides greater value for customers. Furthermore, our engineering and design team deliver highly accurate solution in compliance with the latest industry standards. The precision liquid metering system is available with turbine, Coriolis and PD Flowmeters. To proving liquid custody transfer metering, we offer a choice of flowmeter proving skids. The small volume prover is compact and portable prover for a variety of application. It is designed to precisely displace a constant volume of fluid with each cycle. This assures consistent proving result with repeatability equal to our exceeding 0.02% as defined by API.


Gas Metering and Pressure Regulator Station : Pratiwi has successfully engineered gas metering and pressure regulation station ( M-PRS ) for more than 10 years. This includes skid-mounted,pre-package pressure reducing solutions for above and below ground application. The station range from domestic regulator skid to high-pressure gas transmission stations, and typically include filter, regulators and isolation valve. If necessary, it also available completed with slum-shut and safety relief valves. Pratiwi M-PRS can be designed and built according to individual customer specifications. We utilize modern practices in the control of gases and incorporate features to ensure high integrity. Factory-built units are pre-tested to meet strict quality assurance standards, while also simplifying on-site installation/commissioning and reducing manpower requirements.


City Gas Project & Meter Calibrator Pratiwi Supplies a comprehensive offering of natural gas product used for commercial & residential market in Indonesia. The company’s innovative solution are used to improve the safety, integrity, and speed of gas distribution. Prepaid Token or Prepaid Smart Card based gas meter are good solution for domestic application. Our solution is suitable for those requirements. The systems could be attached as integrated package at diaphragm meter or as additional equipment where installed in gas input pipeline. Commercial building such as town city, apartement and rented cottages should be provided with compact gas meter skid. Centralized monitoring is it’s a reason.