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February 16, 2013 10:44

Welcome to Pratiwi’s Workshop

Since 2008, PT. Pratiwi Putri Sulung possessed its own workshop to anticipate its growing demand for metering and other plant related job. It makes the job a lot faster for the benefit of our clients to minimize their waiting time for product to be installed at their facility. The workshop has required certification which is issued by the Directorate General of Oil and Gas.

Apart from the work itself, our workshop is also dedicated for our product inventory. Our stocks include several sizes of Turbine Meters, Volume Correctors, Dual Chamber Orifices, Flow Computers, Gas Chromatographs, Transmitters, Pressure Regulators, Control Valves and so on. With adequate stock inventory, we are ready to anticipate your urgent need when it comes to gas metering or gas feeding systems.

PT. Pratiwi Putri Sulung

Office :

Jl. Wibawa Mukti No. 89
P: +62 21 2938 8858
F: +62 21 2938 8859

Workshop :

Jl. Wibawa Mukti No. 34
P: +6221 822 1694
F: +6221 822 3942

Jatiasih - Bekasi 17425,
www.pratiwi.com | info@pratiwi.com

Contact Person

Bussiness Development :

Ilham Caesar Putra

Sales and Marketing :

Elvira Agustina