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We're full Integrated EPC System that can provide a solution to your business

As one of the best EPC Company in Indonesia, Pratiwi practices and standardsare world class and this has enabled us to meet the challenges of EPC turnkeyprojects. With a committed management team, supported by a team of EPC experts,we are able to meet the rising demands of our clients to implement comprehensiveand ready-to-use solutions.

By providing Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services, with a veryhigh safety record across all divisions, Pratiwi offers its clients anintegrated and safe solution to their project requirements.

Integrated Work

We can operate an integrated business model comprising the full range of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Project Management, Instrument control services. Over 25 years of service in Indonesia Pratiwi has completed many medium – large scale in Oil & Gas and Renewable Energy Projects the projects are spread in various regions in Indonesia.

Civil Work

Our civil engineers has the ability to plan, design and oversee construction and maintenance of building structures and infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, water pond, retaining wall, dams, irrigation for oil & gas, power plants, and water and sewerage systems projects, our engineer team also have capability to using pro software staad in doing structure calculations. We always offer accurate, professional advice and service to our clients at times when they need it most.

Electrical Work

We have been serving the needs of many clients in Indonesia for over 25 years. It's our belief that delivering superior, efficient electrical Services, Design and installation work like MV & LV Panel, load sheeding panel, automatic transfer switch, PV Solar System. And we also have a very good ability to do power management system. We  proudly provide the best quality of electrical services to our customers which designed and installed by our skilled manpower.

Mechanical Work

With our experienced mechanical engineers in handling various kinds of projects from medium to large scale, our mechanical engineer team has excellent ability in designing & analyzing, fabrication and installation in mechanical works. We have excellent abilities in making engineering documents such as: (Specifications, data sheets, calculations and GA drawing). We have also obtained an ASME certificate for manufacturing Pressure Vessels (Scrubbers, gas filters) and Tanks (Storage Tanks, Water Tanks). Our team of engineers also has excellent skills in examining designs using elite PV software and Integraph tanks. We always committed to being able to provide excellent service and work results to our clients.

Instrument Control and Services (ICS)

Pratiwi developed ICS (Instrumentation Control and Services) as a solution for those of you who want to develop anautomation system for your personal flow, or that is to repair an automation system (repairing - troubleshooting)

Piping and Process Work

On piping work, our piping engineer is very expert  in analyzing PSA (Pipe Stress Analysis) calculations, hydrolic simulations, dynamic simulations, calculating wall thicknes, and experts in operating pipesim software and simulating 3D work with PDMS And Our Process Engineer Team can looks at plant operations to identify places to improve profitability and make processes better that focus in on a specific part of a process to analyze chemical interactions or equipment design to find ways to improve. Our engineer has the capability to Developing, service and design Process Simulation, Hydraullic Simulation and separation equipment sizing. We always give the best service to our clients with high accuration and precision of design.

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